Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Successful Internet Marketing

If you are a business owner you will probably be looking for viable ways to increase the traffic to your website and are probably trying to do this through different internet marketing techniques.

Most new business owners may find the concept of internet marketing a little overwhelming however a little time reading and understanding internet marketing can quickly erase these fears.

Internet marketing is not based on luck, it involves a lot of hard work and effort. Although when searching the internet you will find programs that will promise to give you success instantly or in a few days,what you need to realise is that any scam or scheme that says things like that will never amount to anything. The simple fact is if you want to make money on the internet through your business you have to work hard and be patient.

Internet Marketing is a form of advertising. It is done via the internet by various ways including

Affiliate Programs, E-mail advertising, directory submission, linking, writing articles and submitting to article sites etc

Internet marketing is also commonly known as online marketing, it is a way of communicating with the market place to advertise and sell your product.

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Although internet marketing has continued to grow and has had a huge impact on internet businesses a lot of people will give up after a shot time if they do not see results. Internet marketing is an important aspect of a business and one you have put the work it will continue to advertise your product for you while you continue with other aspects of your work.

It is important to plan ahead, if you decide to add you website details in the form of directory submission, this task can be long and rather boring but can benefit your site in many ways. Make sure you have a file saved with you website details so you can simply cut and paste it into the relevant places to save time.

Most directory submissions will need the following information:-

Your website URL

Your Name

A description of your website

A resource box (always remember to add a link to your site).

Articles are another excellent way of bringing traffic to you site as well as establishing links to your site. There are many sites on the internet that you can send your article to, most of which do not require a link back which is always an added bonus. This is a great way to talk about your product and once added to your website will add quality content also.

The main thing to remember about Internet marketing is that you only get out what you put in. some of it will take a long time to establish its self but any promotion of your site is of great benefit to you. If you do not have time your self to do this employ someone who will or ask a family member.

Internet marketing is an important part of any online business. 

Getting Free Traffic From Google & Yahoo

Getting Free Traffic From Google & Yahoo

Google and Yahoo! are the most used search engines on the Internet with about 35% of all Internet searches run on one or the other. That's about 70% of all Internet traffic from just two search engines. Actually it's more than 80% when you consider Google's affiliation with AOL, Netscape, and others.

Recently there have been major changes on both these engines. Many sites with top placements have lost their positions while others have achieved top positions on both engines without doing anything.

You can take advantage of these changes and get more traffic from both free.

Recent Changes at Google & Yahoo!

Google recently changed their page ranking system for search results. These changes have far reaching ramifications for your website. The quality and ranking of the pages you link to and those that link to you now matter more than ever.

Previously, Yahoo! would display its own directory listings first, before displaying Google's web listings. Now Google and Yahoo's! results are displayed together on one results page, in a simpler display.

Submission to Google is free, while submission to Yahoo! costs $299.00 PER YEAR, just to be considered for inclusion. Yahoo! only includes websites it considers unique in content. About half the websites that pay for inclusion don't even get listed.

A Yahoo! listing used to have a great deal of value for unique websites but now every listing will be competing with the entire Google database. Now, if you have a page that ranks high in Google, you'll be getting the same listing in Yahoo!'s web results free.

Following are some pointers on exactly how you might take advantage of these changes.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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A Simple Google Placement Strategy

Simply put, your Yahoo! ranking is now determined by your Google ranking. If your site is doing well in Yahoo!, It now must also do well in Google also. Your Yahoo! strategy IS now your Google strategy. This makes your website optimization easier and more productive.
The Internet's purpose is to make in-demand information available, and a search engine's job is to provide the highest quality, most relevant information in its search results. Pages with the highest quality content will always rank higher in Google.
So getting good ranking in Google has always involved getting as many high quality links to your site as possible. It's even more important now. It's also important to make sure that your outgoing links take your visitors to high quality pages

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The Google Search Toolbar

Google has released a search toolbar for Internet Explorer. This toolbar provides you an insider's method to determine and boost your ranking while helping Google (and Yahoo!) deliver more relevant results.

You can install it from the following URL

>> http://toolbar.google.com/

After you install the toolbar, click on the Google icon on the left and choose TOOLBAR OPTIONS. Make sure you have enabled the ADVANCED OPTIONS so you get a display of the actual page ranking of any pages you search.

Look for a headline that says "PAGE INFORMATION" and check to "INCLUDE VOTING BUTTONS" on your toolbar. You will see new smiley and frowning face icons on your toolbar. These are important, as you can send an instant ranking suggestion to Google for relevant keywords used in the search results generated by Google.

Near the bottom of that page you will see "EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES" click on the text link to customize these features. There is a feature here that disables exit popups in your browser.


Google Optimization & Submission Process

The first step is to optimize the quality of your page for Google. Check your rank in the toolbar, any pages you link to should rank as high as or higher than your own page. Your rankings will improve over time.

Don't bother requesting links from low quality link pages because just a few links from high ranking pages can have a much greater positive effect on your ranking in Google than 1,000's of poor quality links.

Include a menu of links to your other important pages within your own website on each page. This will help build your link popularity ranking within your own website.

Work on obtaining links from high-value sites that are related to the theme of your site. When Google finds these links, your rankings will improve.

Include links to other relevant high quality, high ranking sites where your visitors can find quality related information and suggest that they link to you in return. Explain how your ranking can boost their page rank even higher. Soon you'll see how a few high ranking links can make all the difference in the ranking of your pages.

Last submit your page to Google

>> http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Google will schedule your page for spidering and the Google-bot will examine and index your page, as well as the links to and from your page. Submit each page separately as you optimize them. Google's robots will find all your pages eventually, and some experts feel it's even better for your ranking if they are found than if submitted.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Maximize Your Free Traffic

 A traffic exchange normally works by you clicking on a button or image, which then displays a web site in a browser window.

You are credited with the ‘hit’ and you then have to wait an average of 15 seconds or 30 seconds before you can view again, earning another hit.

Earning two or even four hits a minute is a slow way to build up the necessary ‘hits’ to get the exchange to send you traffic in return, because not all of them give you a 1:1 return. Most give
you a 1:2, meaning for every two times you view a site, you get one return view back.

Here is the most intelligent method of maximizing those unproductive seconds between views.

Use a Traffic Exchange launcher, which at the click of a button, launches a number of separate browser windows instaneously. You then R/Click on the taskbar and click on ‘Cascade Windows’ to have all the open windows listed across the screen.